Supporting our vital emergency departments

No one plans to end up in A&E, but should the worst happen and you or your loved has to visit one of our A&E departments, wouldn't you want the best possible service?

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Monthly donation to emergency services

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We provide 24 hour Emergency Departments (ED) at both King George and Queen’s hospitals. Commonly known as A&E, our EDs are always open. Our A&E department at Queen’s Hospitals ED treats 150,000 walk-in and ambulance emergencies each year, while King George Hospital caters to 70,000 walk-in and ambulance emergencies each year.


Don’t forget about our emergency services, after all this is where a lot of us begin our hospital journey


NHS staff members are dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients during times of greatest need. Circumstances in the NHS have been incredibly challenging recently and we understand that being in an emergency department can be stressful, and we are always working on making improvements to help patients and staff feel more comfortable.

As a charity dedicated to supporting our local hospitals, we recognise that patients visiting A&E can be vulnerable, anxious or feeling low. While we cannot make disappear queues or increase the number of hours in a day, we can make the experience more comfortable for everyone involved.

Supporting our vital emergency departments

No one hopes to find themselves in A&E, but if the worst happens, you can be assured that our NHS will be there for you. Doctors, nurses, and support staff work tirelessly round the clock, to provide you with the care you need to get through those worrying times.

A visit to A&E can be daunting especially since it's a fast-paced and unpredictable environment. Staff members are often on their feet for hours on end.


What our amazing supporters have already helped fund:

mental health room

Enhancing our mental health room in ED

The Emergency Department at Queen's Hospital handle a significant number of mental health patients who receive care and support from clinical and nursing staff at BHRUT. A specialised mental health room is available to accommodate these patients, ensuring their safety while treatment plans are developed. Our charity has contributed to funding a 12-stone bed and 9-stone chairs, providing patients with a comfortable resting area. These sturdy pieces of equipment prioritise the safety of both patients and staff.

DVD players

DVD players

These DVD players are a great resourced used in A&E mainly for long stay elderly and mental health patients. These patients often require extended periods of care and attention, and providing them with access to entertainment can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalisation. DVD players offer a wide range of options for patients including movies, TV shows, and documentaries. This allows patients to choose content that they find engaging and stimulating, and can help them feel more relaxed and comfortable. Additionally, DVD players can provide a sense of normalcy and routine for patients who may be struggling with the disruption to their daily lives.

Chest compression device

LUCAS Mechanical Chest Compression device

This mechanical chest compression devices enables effective chest compression and decompression during cardiac arrest. They are recognised as best practice devices and provide a high level artificial circulation during resuscitation attempts. They also replace staff member provision of chest compressions which is extremely tiring and a potential source of injury. 

See other ways we are making our hospitals even better...

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