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Their commitment and generosity enable us to have a significant impact within our hospitals. Understanding their reasons for supporting us, showcasing the effective use of funds, and highlighting the positive changes they bring about, inspires us to continue our important work. If you have a testimonial or story that you would like to share, please contact us.

fridge freezer

New fridge freezer for Integrated Therapies

"Thank you so much for this fridge. It means a lot to the team, as part of the kitchen we often bring in patients to complete assessments and the previous fridge was in such a state of disrepair it was embarrassing and felt really unprofessional. The door opened the wrong way, the seal was broken and there was no handle for our patients with visual and cognitive problems this was a real hindrance to their rehab.

Now the staff feel proud to bring patients into the kitchen and know they can do valuable rehab. It has really refreshed the kitchen. On top of this to have a fridge with enough room to store our large teams food has had a big impact on their mood and they feel really valued to have this, looking forward to the summer where they can put the freezer to good use."

- Tim Perceval-Broadfield, Clinical Lead Therapist in Stroke


Amazon Tablets

Amazon Fire tablets for paediatric patients in neurophysiology

"My colleagues and I find these devices very handy when assessing paediatric patients, and the quality of our work is improved."

- Jonly Sabaricos, Clinical Physiologist in neurophysiology

shower chair

Chiltern shower chair for our Sahara wards

"The shower chair offers further assessment opportunities, it can feature within rehabilitation, but also offers quality of life enhancement for patients who have life changing diagnosis or even have life limiting illness."

- Mark Mainwood, Clinical Lead OT Neurosciences

Microwave and staff

New microwave for critical care services

"Staff had an old microwave for use. The new microwave has more functions and staff are happier - it has improved their wellbeing."

-Romilita Rayan, Matron in Critical Care Services

women and babies

Afternoon tea for staff and their babies to mark World Breastfeeding Week

“Long-term breastfeeding has many health benefits for mother and child, we would like to support staff in making informed decisions and plans for when they return to work. We are extremely grateful to our hospital's charity as they have been a huge support to us. Without them, this day would not have been possible."

-Teresa Faulkner, Specialist Infant Feeding Lead Midwife 

Grateful family member and fundraiser, Millie Levey

Millie's sister, Rosie McGorry was involved in a serious football accident in October 2022 and was cared for at Queen's Hospital.

"Rosie's fortitude is what is driving her on, but nothing could have been achieved without the expertise, care and selflessness of the team at Queen's Hospital in Romford.”

-Millie Levey, Southend Half Marathon runner

Cancer Hair Care UK session

“Hair loss due to cancer treatment, mainly chemotherapy, is one of the most devastating and visual side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer Haircare UK is a charity formed to help with advice regarding hair loss and regrowth.

We are delighted to be working with them to deliver workshops to our patients which King George and Queen’s Hospitals Charity has enabled us to purchase. So far, the feedback from those attending the sessions has been excellent.”

-Alix Holmes, the Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Manager

Dr.Prakash Naik and Enfield Lions Club's £24,000 donation

Dr. Prakash Naik and members of Enfield Lions Club joined us at Queen’s Hospital to present a cheque of £24,000! Prakash has been working in ITU for over 19 years and wanted to give back to the community and do something he was proud of.

“ITU is a tough environment and can be extremely traumatic for patients and their families, especially if they’re in hospital for a long period of time. Ten years down the line, I’ll be a happy man knowing that I’ve contributed to the hospital I care for so much."

-Dr. Prakash Naik, Consultant Anaesthetist



Sarika Pabari used her first paycheque to purchase arts and crafts for our children's wards

Sarika had just started her first job and promised herself that her first pay cheque
would be used to purchase goods for the children in our hospitals. We were blown away by Sarika's lovely gesture!

"Children in hospitals are going through such terrible illnesses, at no fault of theirs. I wanted to give them a reason to smile again. Giving back to your local hospital’s charity is important, everyone should play their part”.

-Sarika Pabari

Stoma care dressing trolley

Stoma care dressing trolley

“The stoma care team are very grateful to our hospital’s charity and The League of Friends of King George Hospital for this new dressing trolley. When running our outpatient clinics, it has made such a difference to have our supplies at hand and looks clean and professional.”

- Lisa Murchison, Stoma Care Sister

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